The Real StormTrooper

First off, let's just say I am a big Star Wars fan!  I own a StromTrooper replica prop suit, which stands in the corner of the studio. Not to mention all of the ships and figures that hang from the walls and ceiling!

The Magic of Myth
The Star Wars exhibit, "The Magic of Myth",  came to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and Enron Corporation sponsored the exhibit.  Enron wanted to put on a private party, in the exhibit, for some of their employees. We were asked to create a invitation that they could send out to their employees, as well as, wear the StormTrooper prop suit to the exhibit and take pictures with the employees and their families.  What a great opportunity!


About the Flash Invitation

We used photos in the flash invitation that I shot with my DV camera at the Star Wars exhibit several weeks prior, as well as, a photo of me (in the trooper suit) and a 3d render of a Star Wars ship. We also used the soundtrack from the movie cd . We created the flash card to run like a short commercial spot.  Click here to view the flash invitation that Slade Studios created for Enron.

It was a very cool expierence to be in the exhibit, wearing a StromTrooper suit, next to the real models and props that were used in the Star Wars movies.  We had many pictures taken in the exhibit and will be editing together a short video to share with all Star Wars fans.  Be sure to check back here for the video.
We volunteered all work and donated our time for the chance to be a Real StormTrooper in the Star Wars exhibit, "The Magic of Myth". It was worth every minute!



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