3D animations are effective tools for explaining and demonstrating a process or product to your target audience. We are affiliated with a 2D animation company that can provide character designs and traditional cel animation. Together we will provide you with broadcast quality 3D and 2D animations services.

Post-production includes tracking live video with 3D or 2D elements to create a seamless sequence. We also create and design video sequences by compositing layers of 3D, 2D, video, text and other elements that will capture your audiences attention.  We can create company training and instructional tapes, Broadcast TV commercial spots, and video for any application you can think of.

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Slade Studios uses the latest in multimedia software to provide you with a self-executing presentation or high-impact opening to your web site. Why not add a "Wow Factor" to your web site, E-mail, or other presentations?

Flash provides a dynamic way to promote your business by using audio and images that require short download times. Our creative team at Slade Studios can design an professional presentation or promotional products ecards, with informative data provided, that will intrigue and entertain your clients.

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As web sites have evolved into interactive tools for a business, and informative tools for clients and customers, Slade Studios has been there customizing, developing and consulting with companies on new cutting edge abilities that a professional web site can provide.

Present your company or organization with a professional, creative and interactive web site, specifically designed for your specific market and company intranet needs.

Click here to view several examples of our work

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