Teaching through racing

A new, creative way to capture students attention has been developed. Teaching students how the subjects presented in school apply to jobs in the real world.

When students ask, "Why do I need to know math, science or history?  I will never use this!" Academics Alive answers, "Yes, you will! In many more places that you realize.  Let me show you!"

Sponsors volunteered to help Academics Alive with the opportunity to present Shadow Briar Middle School a new way of teaching and learning through racing.  The students are given material to learn a week prior to the event. They are asked to read the material which covers many different aspects of racing. This includes history, science, mathematics, writing, grammar, exercise and art. These are many of the fundamental subjects that are taught in school!

Once Academics Alive arrives at the school, the students are presented with key speakers, which talk to them about racing and the materials they were given the week prior to the event. These speakers are racecar drivers, mechanics, media personnel and event coordinators. The students are shown the many different types of people, levels of expertise and the ranges of jobs that are involved in one exciting event, racing.

The visual and audio presentation was also a key element in the program.  Slade Studios showed the students how a small Indy racecar model is taken and created in 3d space.  Then all of the sponsors' logos were taken and mapped onto the 3d race car and the students were shown several final rendered images.

Click here to view a 3d animation of the Indy car. (requires Divx 4.0)

Slade Studios also prepared a visual and audio presentation that was projected on a large screen.  The presentation outlined the inception of the race car, the steps involved in creating a race car through winning the race. Complete with 3d animation, surround sound audio and fast visuals help put the students in the world of racing!

When the visual and audio presentation was completed the students were divided into groups and went outside to view 7 race cars. Each car was manned by a driver or mechanic and represented a station in which the groups of students would rotate through.  They were then encouraged to ask the drivers questions about the material they were presented with and get autographs.

It was wonderful to experience the sight of students enthusiastically participating in the event.  Academics Alive was able to capture the attention of all the students, deliver an educational message and have all the students take action by interacting with the cars and drivers. Slade Studios feels that this is a different and creative way to help stimulate the learning hunger that many students lose.

Academics Alive shows students that learning is essential to a solid future and it can be fun and exciting! 
Slade Studios is looking forward to working with all of the sponsors involved so that we may bring this program to many more schools throughout Houston, Texas.





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