Assault Mediators - Independent

Sneak behind the scenes as a new independent trailer develops.
Click here to view the (1st) 15 sec trailer.
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What has been developed?
The story is still being written to be taken in several different directions.  The main character and her weapon have been created.

The lighting and hair rendering as constantly being tweaked.  Coth simulation is also being tested.  The sets are in the process of being developed.

What is the plot of the trailer?
The basic plot takes place in Simulating Training Environment. This is known as the SIM.  She is the first Human/ Nanofabricated female which has been developed to lead the Assault Mediator Squad.  The squad consists of all men. Some of the high level officers that run the SIM want her the lead the squad, but others do not. What happens in the SIM is...

What about the main character?
Job: Assault Mediator
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gray
Gender: Female
Race: Caucasian, Human/ Nanofabricated

Wardrobe: Flexible dark gray, (acts and looks like rubber), electro magnetic repulsive armor.  There is also a holster built into the back of the vest, this enables the Assault Mediator to have the weapon on her person at all times.  The orange areas of the vest are compartments, which house special weapons and equipment. The wardrobe all consists of orange cloth sleeves, orange hard plastic type boots with elevated kneepad plate extension, orange cloth waistband shirt (divided in the middle of the front and on each side.

Weapon: Based off a modified Automag paintball gun, shoots electro magnetic paintballs. The weapon used the latest in Nanofabrication. The forward chamber charges the weapons and paintballs.  The paintball material is more like a sticky material used to hit the target, stick to it and send electric stunning shocks to the target. This doesn't kill the target, only paralyzing it for a short time.  Since the electro magnetic paintballs are created by Nanofabrication, the weapon generates it own paintballs. The Assault Mediator never has to reload the weapon.  If the hopper is damaged then the weapon will not be able to regenerate paint. The Automag has an internal laser site on top of the weapon.

Communications: The Assault Mediator uses an ear mounted, wireless microphone, which she can stay in constant contact with the Company and the Squad.

Skills: Each Assault Mediator is programmed in martial arts, gymnastics, military tactics, spying, code interpolation, multiple regional languages, mechanics, and endurance training. Assault Mediators are trained on each mission, and circuits are routinely tested and monitored


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