Recommended Materials

I do not get paid to endorse any publication.  These are my list of 3d publications that I read or have read. I have included a short description of each publication.

Keyframe - This magazine is dedicated to Lig.htwave 3D.  It contains current industry news, tutorials, and the latest tips and tricks.  It also contains information on Aura, Video Toaster, LScript and Plugins. Most of the tutorials are for the novice Lightwave artist.  But you always pick up a trick to two even if you are an experienced Lightwave artist.

NewTechniques - Much like Keyframe magazine.  A good resource for any Lightwave artist.

Cinefex - The best magazine for special effects and 3d animation. The is magazine contains articles on current movies, interviews and descriptions of how the effects are achieved.

3D Creature Workshop - Online magazine which contains more advanced tutorials on character modeling and texturing.  Very good resource but the updates are slow.

Mastering 3D Graphics - Online magazine which contains tutorials and good information.  Very good resource but the updates are slow.

Photoshop 5 3D Textures F/X - This is excellent book for learning to create a variety of texture maps using Photoshop.

3D Creature Workshop - Character modeling for several different 3D software programs.  It only contains two tutorials for Lightwave, but you can read the others and apply them Lightwave.  This book will keep you busy. It is for the advanced Lightwave Modeler.

3D Photorealism Tookit - The best surfacing book that I have read. Bill Fleming points many things that you already know but don't apply to 3D.  It is an excellent book.

Animating Facial Features & Expressions - This book teaches techniques for creating realistic expressions. It contains some good material but I thought that the book could have been better by containing some tutorials on creating these expression from the beginning.

Inside Lightwave 3D - This book varies from the novice to the more advanced Lightwave artist. It contains a ton of information including character modeling.  This book covers alot of ground and is an excellent resource to have.

Lightwave 3D 5, Character Animation - This is great book from Doug Kelly containing information on character animation. A must have for any character Lightwave character animator.

Digital Character Animation - This book has good general information about character animation. The modeling tutorials are very basic and do not go into depth.  It leaves alot for you to do on your own. Good information but not worth 50 bucks.

Advanced 3D Photorealism Techniques - This book as some very good techniques for texturing and making seamless tileable models. I recommend this book to everyone. Bill Fleming does it again!

Lightwave 6 - This is probably the best lightwave book yet! Some things covered in the book are too brief but there are some excellent character modeling chapters.

I feel that in order to improve your skills, knowledge, and level of 3D aristry, you must read as much as you can about your craft.


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