Protype Idea to 3D Animated Commercial

One of the best ways to market your new product idea then through the one of the creative services provided by Slade Studios, 3d animation. In this article, we will take you step by step through the our process to help you understand how we can help you demonstrate your product or service.

Click here to watch the final animation.

Where do you start?
The first part of the project is gathering information from the client about their product or service. We talked with our client and learned that he has a patent on a new hot dog. He had a very clear idea for the storyboard. He also provided us with a script that was broken down to the music that would accompany the animation. So far, we had a great start!

Click here to view the storyboards

Moving Storyboards
In order to give the animators an idea for the length of each shot, we scan in each drawing of the storyboard and edit it to the music track. This called an Animatic. Once the animatic has been created, the animator then writes down the length of each shot. As the scene is animated, we render still of the animation and replace the new images with the ones from the first animatic. The final animatic will be a "quickshade" animatic. This is the final animation with only flat colors.

Creating the Scenes
As the animatic is being developed, 3d modeler are working each object that will go into the animation. They are also creating textures and assigning surface values to each object. The effects artists are setting up the scene lights, creating the grass, fire and smoke.

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