Static on the Hair

We were running into a problem with the hair.  We were getting a very rapid noisy fractal static in the hair.  We tried several things and then posted an email on the worley sasquatch group to see if anyone could offer advice that would help us solve our wiggly hair problem:(

Click here to see the noisy hair.
Click here to see the calm hair.

For those who responded to our emails:
Click here to see the setting for the hair object.
Click here to see the setting for the image process.

The test animation is rendered at 360 x 240 and there still is some slight noise in the hair.  The compression in the quicktime doesn't look much different than that of the uncompressed rendered frames.  We will be rendering the final animations at 720 x 480 and I am sure that we will see more noise when the image is larger.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Any other suggestions are welcome.  We will probably crank the anti alias up even further on the larger render. We didn't really see much of a render time difference in raising the anti alias on this animation, which is cool:)


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