Tank Treads - Learn to make and control tank treads using expressions.

Sweet Gum Lewis - Character Modeling with

Alien Head - Character Head Modeling and Texturing with

Learn to Make a 30 sec. Commercial Spot - Learn the steps involved in order to make a commercial.

Darth Maul for a Day - Make-up/FX shows you how to transform yourself into Darth Maul.

Just for fun - Character animation process for "The turtle that hates the sewer"

Tracking Rex - Motion Tracking, animating T-rex and compositing.

Assault Mediators - Sneak behind the scenes as a new independent trailer develops.

The Real StormTrooper - A volunteer job, but worth every minute.

Holiday Card - It's not all work all year round.

Hot Dog Commerical - Protype Idea to 3D Animated Commercial

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