Alien Head

This is an alien character head that I modeled in Lightwave. I modeled this character point by point. I created four points and then connected them to make a polygon. It took me about 8 hrs to complete the alien character head.  I also modeled details such as the inner eye sockets, throat, and inner ear.  I tried to limit the points around the eyes and the mouth so I could select those points easily in order to manipulate the model and make morph targets.



I selected the the face surface and used the unwrap plugin to create an .iff image of the head. The map is unwrapped as a cylidrical map on the Y axis. I can then create the texture maps for the head in Photoshop. This way I can create one map that will map correctly onto the head.


Here is the color texture map that I have created. The skin texture was scanned from a picture of an Elephant. I still have quite a bit more to create.  I'm still trying to decide of a color of the skin and other marks for the skin texture.


Alien character head rendered with the textured color map and a bump map applied.  The map is applied as a cylidrical map on the Y axis.


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