Slade Studios is located in the "Art Warehouse District" of "Downtown Houston".  We are easy to get to off the freeway (10E & McKee). Our address is 801 William - Suite E, Houston, TX 77002. Use map quest for driving directions.


What services do you provide?
Slade Studios provides creative marketing tools that span from the industrial market to the entertainment industry. We have the ability to produce 3d animation and graphics for broadcast television, corporate video and film. This can include character design and animation, mechanical and architectural animation, compositing, motion tracking, effects and editing.

We also design and develop interactive sales and product cd roms, flash presentations and web sites. If you have a product or service to sell, we can help provide the creative tools you need to aid in sales. If you have a question or need consultation, give us call at 713.223.2088.

Slade Studios has worked with many different clients and continuously provides creative, high quality animation and multimedia services, without any inflated overhead costs.

Slade Studios is a multilevel working environment consisting of an upstairs lobby and full kitchen area and a downstairs conference room and animation area. The "Idea Room"  was designed to feel like a living room. It is also a great place to take a nap during those long production nights. :)


The animation room is the most fun and creative of all the areas at Slade Studios.  It is filled with lots of colors, toys and fast dual processor computers.  This is where all of the animation and production takes place.  Every member of the Slade Studios team works to ensure that each project receives the highest quality of creativity and expertise. Can you tell we are big Star Wars fans!


Our ideas and concepts push far beyond simple flying logos.
Give us a call at 713.223.2088.
We have your creative flavor!



The Slade Studio's staff consist of a select cast of talented, creative professionals who have been associated with the Video/Multimedia Industry for several years. Each member of the Slade Studios team has a unique skill that enhances the level of quality and productivity of our work. Click here to learn more about our staff and credits that are associated with each of them.

Slade Studios strives to associate ourselves with other companies that provide different types of services. Slade Studios can provide an almost unlimited range of 2d and 3d services. Click our Strategic Affiliates logo to learn more about the company

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