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We’re all about enhancing the quality of your life and peace-of-mind—by bringing you products that PROTECT what is most valuable to you, be they prized possessions like cars and boats, or even your own family members... let you SHARE the locations of those people and things, with family, friends and co-workers... and CONNECT you with that information—and one another—in real time and on demand.

Offering truly personalized service, backed by competent, honest associates and partners, we never lose sight of what matters most... and who matters most.

Custom-installed GPS security and location awareness
Portable GPS security and location awareness
GPS Watercraft security and location awareness
GPS lone worker safety and location awareness
A network account that ties it all together in real-time and on demand

“I love my CIS. And knowing that Blackline’s Monitoring & Recovery Service is there if things get rough, is well worth it.”
Kevin Johnson

“I set up my Network Account page so that my husband can find me if he needs to. We also use it to let my sister keep an eye on the car for us when we go out of town.”
Sarah Dover

“When my kid takes the car, I can know if he’s speeding or taking the car someplace he shouldn’t be going. And getting it installed was a breeze.”
Melanie Thomas

Technology makes it possible, Blackline GPS makes it easy. Our family of products get signals from Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) circling the globe. Around the clock. When any of your Blackline GPS devices enter, exit or move within your pre-set Zone, you’ll receive an alert (by SMS and email). You can now track and pinpoint your car, boat or your kid’s backpack on your Blackberry® smartphone, browser enabled mobile phone, or computer in our easy-to-use interface.

Plus, you can stay connected all-the-time, or anytime. And all in real-time. You can now feel secure knowing that Blackline GPS is there for you, adding that extra layer of assurance and safety for the people and things you love.

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